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Carmen vs Carmen


What does it mean to be a woman? Carmen vs Carmen immerses us in a fascinating world of womanhood, freedom and the female soul.

Inspired by Bizet’s music and Merimée’s novel, Manuel Segovia uses the beauty and richness of Spanish dance to illustrate the mistreatment and gender violence suffered by women. Each character personifies the attributes and collective values of human nature.

The production picks up from the end of the story, inviting us to consider events from the perspective of Don Jose, the murderer. What happened to the Basque soldier, Don Jose, during his interrogation? What thoughts raced through his mind? What was he feeling?



The prestigious Madrid-based dance company, Iberica de Danza, founded in 1993 by Manuel Segovia (Premio Nacional de Danza a la Creación 2001 y Premio Villa de Madrid a la Coreografía 2004) y Violeta Ruiz del Valle, has secured its acclaimed reputation through years of research, dedication and outstanding performance and brings to life the magic of Spain’s dance heritage.


Magellan and Elcano: Around the World

A play with music and Spanish dance.



The play commemorates the 500 year anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the globe; a remarkable achievement which changed the world forever.


The Magellan Elcano Odyssey is the collaborative masterpiece of eight contemporary Spanish authors. It was first staged in November 2021 at Seville’s Lope de Vega theatre. Performed by the Compañía de Teatro Clásico de Sevilla under the direction of Alfonso Zurro, 


Premiering for the first time outside of Spain, the play has been translated by the Open University’s Spanish department, with the expertise of Jane Mathewson and the collaboration of Bedforshire University Performing Art.

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11 June 8:30pm. 2022Buckden Towers.

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Choreographed by Manuel Segovia, the show seeks to portray the art of Pablo Picasso through rhythm,  movement and melody. The painting selected for this dance performance will transport the audience to a magical place beyond time: a place where  primitive melodies and steps blend with their modern neo-folk equivalent.


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